Top Five Reasons to Plan Your Funeral

Top Five Reasons to Plan Your Funeral

If you are like most people, you prefer to think about funerals only
when you attend one. Thinking about your mortality may not be easy.
However, one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved
ones is to plan ahead for your own funeral. You can’t prevent the grief
your family experiences after your death, but you can eliminate most
of the worry and stress that can occur if loved ones must plan a funeral.

There is no time like the present to consider this important part of
your family’s future, so why not begin planning today? Just as you are
there for your loved ones in life, you can also be there for them in
death. Planning your funeral is an incomparable gift only you can give.
It is a final act of love for those you care about most.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning for one of life’s most important passages is an opportunity
to make the event special and personal. A well-planned funeral honors
a life well lived.

Some of the most important reasons to plan your own funeral include:

•    Family and loved ones – planning relieves your loved ones from having
to make complicated and stressful decisions at a challenging time in their
lives. Planning ahead allows you to include family in your final decisions
if you choose.

•     Financial savings – your funeral plan can reduce emotional overspending
that may occur when loved ones must make difficult choices as they are
experiencing grief. A pre-paid plan is an option that allows you to freeze
the service costs at today’s prices, and protect your family from the rising
costs of funeral services and products.

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