Understanding Probate

End of Life Management Toolkit #3 | by Team Passare and Robert L. Shepard

Understanding Probate can be a difficult task. In this Understanding Probate eBook, Robert L. Shepard and Passare™ explain the important factors of probate court that directly affect you and your survivors.

Understanding probate entails acknowledging that state laws determine who is in control of your estate and where your assets go. If you do not provide instructions to allocate and disburse your property and assets upon your death, the court will take control of your estate.

The court, known as probate court, will confirm that there is a will, estate plan or trust and designate a court appointed executor to administer document instructions. The length of time and cost for probate depends on the details in your End of Life documents. This resource guides you through the different elements of understanding probate.

You will learn:
  1. What is probate
  2. Benefits of the probate process
  3. Drawbacks of the probate process
  4. How-to avoid probate
  5. What to do next
The eBook includes:
  1. Understanding Probate Checklist
  2. Glossary of Probate Terms
Estimated Time Required:

15 to 30 minutes


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