Ways to Protect Your Digital Profile

You may not know everything published online about you. You post content about yourself; friends and colleagues share information about you as well. As the trend toward using social media to capture virtually all aspects of life increases, it’s essential to maintain an online identity that reflects your professional image, and portrays how you want to be remembered after you pass away.

You can use social media tools to protect your digital identity, and help control what people see when they search for you. Consider these questions when you search for yourself on social media sites:

•   Does this infor mation portray me positively?

•   Does it r eveal infor mation I pr efer not to shar e?

To conduct a self-search on Google or Facebook, log out of your account, and then type your name into a the search engine. Click this link to: manage your online reputation using Google.

To view your public self on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, follow these steps:

•   Log out, or use a dif ferent browser without logging in, and then type your name into the search engine.

•   Log back in to the site, and then view your pr ofile as, “public.”

To remove unwanted content, ask whoever posted it to remove it. If someone unknown to you posts it, contact the site owner, webmaster, or administrator for help. Deleted material may remain in search results temporarily, but will disappear as the site updates its search results.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so be sure to search for both text and pictures. Click this link: to remove content using Google. Click this link: to remove images using Google.

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