Why We Need an End of Life Support Team

Life is better when you have the dedicated support of others, especially at End of Life. As you approach end of life and after you pass away, you’ll need trusted loved ones and advisors to help manage your final matters, from your care and services to your personal assets. Having an end of life support team gives you confidence that your final wishes will be honored.

What is an End of Life Support Team?

An end of life Support Team is a group of personally selected people you trust to help you manage your important end of life matters - both before and after you pass away.

Building your end of life support team involves asking yourself questions, evaluating choices and making decisions about whom you most trust to help you manage important end of life matters, including:

  • Ensuring your care choices are honored and medical decisions are made
  • Making and managing decisions about your financial assets
  • Ensuring that your estate’s assets are distributed as you wish
  • Caring for children or other dependents if you are unable or pass away
  • Caring for pets, home and property if you are unable or pass away
  • Advising you on legal matters like wills, estate plans or trusts
  • Organizing your final services according to your wishes
  • Informing your family, friends or social network of your circumstances
  • Managing online accounts

The people you choose to help you manage these final matters will become your end of life support team. You can choose as many or as few people as you need. You may find that choosing the same person to fulfill multiple roles works best.

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