Writing a Comforting Condolence Letter

When someone you care about passes away, finding the right words to express your feelings isn’t easy. Yet writing a condolence letter may be an important step toward healing. It can be an inspiring way to offer support to someone grieving.

Those grieving the loss of a loved one may receive many sympathy cards. A personally written condolence letter is a unique gift that will be cherished. It’s a tribute to the deceased and a comfort to the bereaved.

You may find the following tips helpful when writing a condolence letter to a grieving friend or loved one.

Acknowledge the loss

Begin simply by expressing your reason for writing. For example, “I’m writing to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your family.”

Use sensitivity and respect

Use compassionate, gentle references when describing the loss. If the deceased had been ill, it’s okay to say, “I’m consoled that William is no longer suffering.”

Personalize it

Keep your letter personal by using the deceased’s name. Use titles like, “Mrs. or Mr.” if you didn’t know the deceased well. For example, “Please accept my condolences regarding Mrs. Garcia’s recent death.”

Express your feelings

Say how the deceased’s passing affected you. For example, “I was saddened to learn about the loss of your mother.”

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