Writing an Obituary for Your Loved One

Writing an obituary is an important way to honor your loved one’s life and to announce their passing. While it may seem emotionally challenging, it celebrates their achievements and legacy. It may also help you process the grief experienced after your loved one’s death.

Most obituaries contain the following information:
  • Biographical facts and photographs
    Include your loved one’s full name, birth date and place and most recent residence. Add a current or favorite photograph.
  • Date and location of death
    You may choose to add the cause of death.
  • Survivors
    Find helpful tips on writing a distinctive obituary in this practical article." List your deceased loved one’s spouse, children and their spouses, parents, siblings and other close relatives. Add predeceased loved ones in birth order after listing living family members.
  • Background facts
    Include accomplishments like education, employment, affiliations, hobbies, and charitable or military service.
  • Final services information
    Provide the date, time and location of funerals, memorials, viewings or wakes. Add the funeral provider’s contact information.
  • Suggested memorial contributions
    Offering loved ones a way to take action can help them to heal. Request contributions to memorial accounts or charities. Add the address or website for donations to organizations that were important to your loved one.
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